Relieve stress with these shower benefits

One of the best feelings is to come home and take a shower and rinse off the stress of the day. It’s a way to rejuvenate and freshen up. Or waking up and taking a shower to start the day off bringing that energy we need to have a positive day. Either way it uplifts my mood! Recently I have been taking the time to allow a moment for my shower to be cold water.

I know it sounds uncomfortable believe me, this is coming from someone who loves a steaming hot shower, but sometimes it is good to try different things. Cold water has different benefits in other ways. I recommend giving it a try, whether you end your shower with a short burst of cold water or are brave enough to take a cooler shower all together. It is something to try for the benefits. 

Hot shower benefits

1 Better night’s sleep

2 Clears pores

3 Removes toxins from skin

4 Relieves muscle tension

5 Helps with congestion

Cold shower benefits

1 Instills discipline

2 Helps you wake up

3 Tightens the skin

4 Improves circulation

5 Helps with muscle soreness after workouts

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