Interested In Going To A Museum? Experience Art Tours Virtually

Are you itching to get out and see some art. It isn’t always easy to get to destinations and other countries that hold these amazing pieces. Viewing art can open our eyes to inspiration and make you feel certain emotions. Looking at different artists work and incorporating what message or direction they were going in is a refreshing activity for creative individuals. Seeing works from all around the world can be easier that you think especially in this current moment of quarantine. Here are some virtual art museum tours that allow you to see greatness from the comfort of home.

· National Museum of Modern and Contemporary art

Located in Korea and googles virtual tour takes you through 6 floors of art all over the world.

· Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

This is where the largest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh is held. Over 200 paintings hundreds of personal letters and drawings as well.

There are many more virtual museums options to enjoy. As we face temporary pause on travels and as we build our pockets, these are some great options to take your mind elsewhere and see some artwork from around the world!

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