Paint Pouring: How To Master This New Art Trend

Paint pouring is new way of painting and creating unique pieces. By putting additives like floetrol or liquitex in your paint, it allows your paint to be more fluid and move around a lot. You can also add a gloss medium to reduce cracks and silicone to create paint cells. Paint cells are the individual bubbles that are created when you pour the paint onto a canvas.

Artists will start with either a blank canvas or with a base coat on to get the paint to move better and create more patterns. Then, you fill your container with the paint. It is suggested that you add paint from lightest to darkest. Now, you will pour the paint onto the canvas wherever and however you want. From this point, you can use various methods to move the paint around. Some tools you can use include:

  • tilting the canvas
  • spinning the canvas
  • chains
  • palette knife
  • straws
  • brushes
  • heat gun or torch
  • funnels
  • strainers

To make your piece a little more interesting, you can always add powders, glitters, flakes, foils, etc. This creates a little bit of texture and catches the eye. People will be drawn to the motions, colors, and textures of the painting. By the time you are finished, you have something that is so distinctive and unrepeatable. Paint pouring is a great outlet and an easy way to get into painting more. It allows you to open up and be abstract. I would highly suggest giving this a try.

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