Art: Good for the Mind & Soul

When first starting a new project, there is a lot of self-doubt going on because you’re starting something from scratch. There is a lot of questions of how to proceed and what you want the end result to look like. Finally, you start. Various times you’ll take a step back and look at it from different angles. You may get frustrated with this one area that just isn’t cooperating, but you dive back in knowing full well that you’ll get it right. All of a sudden, you look at the time and are abruptly aware of how much time you spent on this project.

Creating a piece of art is one of the best ways to relieve stress, in my opinion. It allows you to get lost in your own world forgetting everything you were worried about before. Most people will watch TV or play a video game to unwind, but others create. They allow their minds to let go and wander; sparking the maniac within. Artists learns through creation. They find new mediums and techniques to utilize. Through persistence and focus, fine pieces of artwork are formed.

With a healthy obsession flowing through their veins, artists tap into their happiness. Just like that, their mood is uplifted. Everything is refreshed and fulfilled (for now).

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