The benefits of giving up soda. Why should you?

Most people you meet drink soda regularly and sometimes more than once a day. Can you blame them? Soda is so sweet, tasty, and goes with all kinds of food. I used to only drink soda and sometimes sweet tea. The problem is that soft drinks are so bad for your body because of all the sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals. It is best for your long term health to give up drinking soda or any sugary drink. Here are some benefits of cutting out soda:

  • When you give up soft drinks, you start to notice that your cravings for sugar are not as profound. The longer you go without digesting massive amounts of sugar, the easier it gets. If you were to go months without drinking a soda and decide to have one on a random day, you will notice that the sweetness, syrup flavor. The thickness of the drink is so overwhelming and unappetizing that you more than likely cannot even finish the drink.
  • Your taste buds will have a better appreciation for food and other drinks. Eating and drinking will be more enjoyable by opening up to a world of varying flavors since you’re not consuming one type of substance.
  • Since reducing the amount of sugar you intake, you may notice that you are losing weight. Most people believe that diet sodas are better to drink if they want to lose weight because it doesn’t have calories. However, the artificial sweeteners in soda actually prevent weight loss and are just as bad as regular sugar.
  • Your immune system, dental health, and overall health will be better. Soda can cause issues like kidney stones, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. By cutting out pop, you will reduce your chances to these health issues. You may even see clearer more radiant skin.
  • By not buying soda, you are reducing your carbon footprint and making the environment around you more enjoyable to live in. Not to mention, you’re saving money!
  • While soft drinks have caffeine in them, the amounts of caffeine you’re ingesting can overstimulate your system and actually make you feel exhausted instead of energized.
  • Soda doesn’t quench your thirst. It actually dehydrates you. Instead of drinking a soda, have a glass of water instead.

In order for these benefits to have an impact, you need to not only give up soda, but other sugar-intense foods and drinks. You don’t have to give up sugar entirely if you don’t want to, but a reduction of your intake will definitely be favorable. If this challenge is a little bit difficult for you, start by only having one soda a day and slowly work your way to having none at all. It will also help to start incorporating water, milk, or juice in its place.

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