Learn and love to have fun by yourself

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy my me time. Being alone is my time to be with my thoughts and do what I want to do without any interjections. Its something I think everyone should allow for themselves. It makes us stronger and more in touch with ourselves as individuals, and from there we can be more open with people and true.

Taking time to be alone also builds self-esteem as well. If you want to become strong in more ways enjoy more time to yourself challenge yourself to me time at least once a week. If you struggle with the idea of being alone or even what you can do alone that is fun, here is a list of fun things to do by yourself.

· Get a massage! It is the best feeling to allow yourself that time to relax and be alone in the moment. Enjoying some pampering is a great way to clear our mind while boosting confidence.

· Thrift shop! I love to go into a thrift store by myself and see what I can find. Whether it is a new shirt or a unique piece of furniture or jewerly. This is a fun hunt to enjoy by yourself.

· Take a drive! Sometimes there nothing better than hitting some back roads enjoying the scenery and listen to some music. This is a therapeutic way to enjoy some time alone for sure.

· Make your self-dinner! Find a new or fancy recipe that you have been wanting to make for yourself. You deserve it

· Go see a movie! It may seem strange going to the theaters by yourself, but there are no interruptions and you can really focus on the movie more. Don’t forget the snacks.

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