Trust in the timing of your life.

I am a true believer in timing. In the idea that everything happens when it should and at the right time it is supposed to. Often, we get caught up in the pressure of everything surrounding us. As if there is some specific timeline that we should hit certain accomplishments by. The problem with that is what about the journey in between? We all set goals and dreams for ourselves and when life happens, we may not be exactly on that road and that is okay. It’s natural for us to feel discouraged, but the truth is, it is the process of the journey that really matters. Trust that it is right for you, and right on time. It is never too late to get to that place you want to be or to the goals you once wanted to reach.

How to trust your timing:

Appreciate what you have accomplished this far.

Take a step back to really look at your progress and be proud. You have come this far and whatever you want to happen you have to make happen.

Be consistent with what is important to you and in time there will be consistent results for the better.

We look at other people’s progress and envy it, but when it is your time to shine you must be ready and focused.

Do not compare journeys.

Everyone comes from different walks. Some with more advantages, some with less. This is so important to remember in trusting your own timing because it allows us to be comfortable with our pace and the process. Understand that the struggles in between make us who we are and better for it.

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