The Benefits of daily yoga and why need them

When I first explored the practice of yoga it was about a year ago. Since then it has become apart of my daily lifestyle and has helped me in many ways. It was something that always interested me, but I did not know where to start. Like anything new it can be intimidating but once you understand your flow and how to go at your own pace, it is so uplifting! You may be thinking what can daily yoga bring to your life? There are many benefits to adding yoga to your lifestyle. It does wonders for the physical and the mental self. .

Here is what will happen if you start the journey of daily yoga

1. A sense of calmness will enter your life. With the daily practice you will feel a connection with yourself. This connection continues to grow with your practices and really helps your mind and body and over all the life you live. Now you must be open and available. Taking the process seriously and allowing that special time for just yourself on the mat.

2. Practicing daily will become a big stress reliever. We often tense up though out the week from stress at work or at home. All our task weight us down. Getting into the daily routine of practice can be essential for releasing that build up. You learn take life day by day and face your biggest problem and stressors head on. Yoga is all about pranayama which is the controlled breathing technique. With doing this along with daily yoga poses daily you will feel a little less heavy.

3. The body will develop strength and flexibility. Once you get into the routine and discipline yourself to set that time it becomes essential. Your body will open and feel new! It is an exciting process when you notice that you can do a pose you could not before. It seems to happen unexpectedly, and your body will thank you. Also, you do not NEED to be flexible to do yoga or to start your yoga journey. That is a thought that many people have, and it holds them back from starting the process.

If you have been considering practicing DO IT. I promise it will make a difference and can help with so many struggles we face today.

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