Think positive how to avoid those negative thoughts

It’s impossible to walk around and be positive 24/7. Even the most positive people have days where they feel off or feel that some negativity has affected them. Sometimes we are the negativity in our lives, and we don’t realize it. Without knowing it we can impact our mood with thoughts while putting ourselves down. This is normal because we often are our own worst critic.

However, changing the way that you view and think of your self is key to a more positive outlook on life. There are several ways we can work to incorporate that in our daily lives by getting rid of these routine thoughts. Resulting in positive thinking to become more frequent in your life and overall helping you to become the best version of yourself.

photo credit Ernesto Valentine

No one is Perfect

We strive for perfection way too much. This is something we are taught in society and it stays with us in many things we do in life. It’s okay to let go of that. Thinking that you must be perfect all the time is a negative thought. Change that thought process and grow.

Stop judging yourself

As I said we are the hardest on ourselves. Show up, try to do your best in everything you do. At the same don’t dwell on what you could have done better or how you did it. Many times, we get stuck in our own heads this way.

Don’t worry be happy

Worrying causes a lot of negativity in our lives. It can make us sick a many time anxious. The act of worrying does not change any outcome just affects the way you feel. Let it go an understand what will be will be.

Stop complaining

This takes up a lot of space in our minds. We complain way too much. Try changing your mindset to grateful thoughts instead. There are too many things to be grateful for in life to dwell on the negative or things that we don’t have.

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