Deciding on a new job position and what you need to know

We all feel that burnt out feeling in your place of employment at some point. Especially if you are seeking more and the position does not particularly call to you. It can be intimidating to search for new beginnings and to learn new things. That process is one that many find to be over whelming, so we stay where we are. While paying the bills is priority it’s also important to know you value and full potential. Look at this burn out feeling is a sign to make a change. If you are looking to make a leap in finding a more fulfilling position, here are some tips to remember to smooth that process out.

  • If you feel burnt out but are simply scared of making a change or taking a risk, the feeling is normal. We will never know our full potential if we don’t try. A change in job positions can lead to many new connections in a career path.
  • Work on your credentials. This can include references, experiences, skills, and accomplishments. This can speed up the searching process. If you have this available, you will be ready for opportunities that arise.
  • Look for a position and company that has similar values with you. It may not seem like an important factor to consider at first. When working for a company that matches your values it will make you happier in the position. You will feel the connection with a team and will be appreciated and valued yourself.
  • Remember to not get too frustrated with the change. Ultimately you will find the position that fits you and serves you.  The purpose of the change is to make yourself happy and in return that will show up in your daily life.

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