Not Sure How To Cope During a Pandemic? 4 Strategies To Help

2020. Wow what a time. It has been difficult. We have all faced situations that we never have before and with that comes feelings that we haven’t really faced as well. Whether quarantining or dealing with the fear of getting sick. These changes have all affected everyone differently. Not to mention the fear of losing income. This year has brought on a lot and we need to be kind to ourselves when we need it the most. Whether you are struggling with fear of setbacks or being critical on yourself for gaining weight. We all have been left to move forward and to cope with the changes that have occurred this year.

So, this is just a quick reminder that we are all in this together and that its okay to feel many ways about the issues we face. Remember that communities will become stronger and so will you. Don’t be afraid to move forward with plans and goals that you feel may have to change because of the obstacles ahead.

photo by Ernesto Valentine

Deal with emotions

It’s okay to fear the unknown and its okay to be afraid of what is next. If this time has taught us anything it is that we all can relate and to remember that we all don’t have answers. What we can do is feel those feelings and look forward to the future and growth.

Maintain health

Through it all many people reverted to what is important and what makes them feel good. Whether it’s creating or learning something new. This time has allowed us to think about what we need and forced us to take that time. It is important to continue maintaining that balance for yourself. 

light blue one use medical protective masks
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Do what makes you feel safe

If it is staying home instead of eating out or wearing your mask when you go shopping. Do what helps you get through this difficult time.  There are many different views and comments made, but it really is important to do what is comforting to you.

Limit media exposure

We all can get caught up in the media and numbers. For some this can cause anxiety for others it may not. It is important not to get sucked up into that daily. It can cause paranoid behavior and there is only so much we can take in on the topic.

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