Simple Steps to Stand Out Among Peers

Being a good employee and performing well is sometimes not enough to get that raise or promotion. A lot of companies will tell you that performing well is part of your job and you don’t deserve extra compensation for it. All of sudden, it feels like there is nothing you can do to advance your career. That is where you’re wrong.

Here are some simple steps to showcase your ambition

  • Step out of your comfort zone. Talk to the co-workers, supervisors, and managers you don’t normally have conversations with. This forms new work relationships and gets you out of your tight knit circle.
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and often. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Communication is key” and that is not wrong.
  • Communicating with others about your duties and needs will help make the work flow more efficiently. If you have made any mistakes, own up to them and provide resolutions.
  • Be happy-go-lucky, passionate, and eager. Everyone, especially bosses, like to work with those who have good attitudes. If you find yourself in a bad mood, ask yourself why and try to look at it from a positive perspective.
  • Anticipate the needs of your customers, co-workers, and managers. Be aware of the questions they will ask you and have responses prepared or even a presentation. For example, you are expected to have a report done by the end of the month.
  • Expect that your supervisor will ask regularly for updates. Try to provide those updates before being asked. It won’t hurt either if you have that report completed ahead of schedule.
  • Do something nice for your co-workers. For example, you could bring in coffee and bagels every now and then. This not only shows your appreciation for others, but also boosts morale.
  • At the ending of every week, provide your supervisor with an update of what you completed during the week and what you plan on doing for the following week. This keeps your boss informed and prevents them from asking you. It also shows that you have a plan and initiative.
  • If there is a new project coming up, be the first to volunteer (even if you don’t want to). This is a sure fire way to impress your bosses and show them your skills. Plus, it shows that you are ambitious, willing, and a leader. If there isn’t any projects in the works, create your own.
  • Stay off of your phone! One of the most irritating things for a manager is to see people on their phones when they should be working. Mostly because what you’re doing on your phone is not really that important unless it is an emergency (which you should go to your boss for anyways). It also shows that you don’t care about your job and that you have other priorities.
  • Be punctual. If you can, be early. It reflects badly on you when you are late to work or to appointments because you are literally wasting yours and other’s time. This makes it seem like you have a complete disregard for the company and don’t have the ability to make good use of your time.
  • Show up to work looking presentable. Make an effort to look neat and pleasant. I’m not one who likes to focus on image, but it’s the first thing that people will note about you. Put your best foot forward every day.
  • Complete all tasks in a timely manner. Try to complete them ahead of schedule. Also, make sure you respond to any messages right away. If you don’t have an answer for them at the moment, let them know you are working on it and will get back to them soon.
  • Celebrate the milestones of your co-workers, bosses, and customers. Make it a point to note any important dates or events. Send a card, flowers, or other token of appreciation to remind them that you pay attention and care about them.

What you may not realize is that all of your actions whether small or big will make an impact on those around you. Your customers and co-workers will notice your actions and report back to your supervisors about how quick, efficient, passionate, and caring you are.

Your supervisor will also be watching you and notice these attributes as well. With taking all of these simple steps and incorporating them into your daily life, you will be recognized and hopefully better compensated for being more than just a good employee.

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