Start Practicing to be an Artist Today

Art is a great way to relax and reduce stress. Art can be an outlet and a fun hobby! Most believe that they don’t have artistic abilities, so they don’t even try. I am a true believer that anyone can be an artist because it is a form of expression and creation. All it takes is letting go of expectations and starting.

Initially, you’ll be excited that you’re starting something new. Except, you take that first look at that blank canvas and start to feel overwhelmed. What do you do? Where do you start? Can I do this? Am I any good at it?

Look around you for inspiration.

If you don’t have an idea of what you would like to paint or draw, think about something that is important to you or look around the room for objects to become your subject.

Before beginning, put some music on in the background.

It helps drown out other noises and allows you to focus on creating while also jamming to some good tunes. Start by drawing an outline of the scene. This will give you the feel for the layout and size. It will also give you the time to make any adjustments needed.

When you begin, start with the background and work your way to the foreground.

Why do it this way? There are a couple of reasons. One of them is that it prevents messing up the subject. If you paint the background last, you are more likely to make a mistake on the subject. The second reason is that it’s harder to fix a mistake on a subject than it is if the mistake were made on the background. The last reason is that most artists use the color of the background on their subject because most subjects have the color of their surroundings reflected on them.

shallow focus photo of paint brushes
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Don’t be afraid to play around with the colors.

Mix the colors together to see what you come up with. Use colors that aren’t typical for your scene. This is the fun of creating art! No one says that the sky has to be blue or that a person can’t be green. It is whatever you want it to be. Besides, the more you experiment, the more comfortable you will become and you may even find new techniques or your specific style.

Forget the preconceived notion of what art is or is supposed to be.

That is not important. You are creating a piece of work. It doesn’t have to be realistic or abstract. There are various styles and methods. None of them are considered more artistic than the next because it can’t be measured. The simple act of creating or expressing is art.

photo of woman sitting on floor while painting
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If you want to perfect your technique, you have to practice regularly.

No one has ever mastered a skill without practice. Take some time out of your day. If you have a hectic schedule, carry a sketchbook with you or have one by your bedside. When you find a free moment, use that time to draw something. This will help refine your skills.

Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. With practice, you’ll make such beautiful and interesting art.

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