Struggling to maintain your energy? Here’s how you can stay motivated.

Like most people, I bet you just want to sleep a little longer in the mornings and kick your feet up in the evenings. I don’t blame you one bit. It is very hard to do anything else when you just worked a full day. Personally, my energy levels are zapped! So how are your going to achieve all the things you need and want to do?

It actually comes down to two things: mentality and time management.

I’m sure that it seems really hard to maintain a good attitude all day, but you actually have more control in that area than you think. First off, you can choose how to perceive a situation, but you also choose how you will react. I know that it probably sounds crazy. All it takes is practicing being self aware and making conscientious decisions. When you find yourself becoming anxious, annoyed, angry, and tired, do something that counteracts that. For example, when you are running tons of errands after work, take the time to enjoy that time by yourself. Play your music. Take a little longer in a certain favorite aisle. Splurge and get a coffee to sip on while you shop. Learning to enjoy the small pleasures in life will turn your negative thoughts and feelings into positive happy ones.

Time management can also be a real struggle. I’ve found that if I keep a planner and a checklist that I am much more efficient. A planner keeps everything organized and it is a good way to remind you of what needs done. A to-do list will also help organize yourself and will make you feel accomplished when you check them off. It probably doesn’t feel like it, but you have plenty of time near the end of the day right before bed to relax. Use your waking hours to your advantage. Read that book you keep saying you will, but haven’t gotten around to it. Go for a long leisurely walk. Learn something new like an instrument or a language. If you want to see any improvements in your life, you have to get better with how you spend your time.

At the end of the day, you will actually feel so much better when you have done something other than work, eat, and sleep because you are breaking up the monotony of every day life. Stop making excuses and start working towards your goals. Some days will be harder than others, but keep at it and eventually it will all work in your favor.

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