Release your stress with 5 benefits of Journaling

How often do you write for yourself? Many of us write down information every day for tasks at work or notes for school and it can become more of a dread than a positive thing. Journaling is a simple activity and can be about your feelings and thoughts.

Journaling has many benefits that can help long term or day to day life. Some may find it weird to write down their feelings or express themselves in this way however, journaling is a great way to release. Here are some of the benefits that you may notice when taking the time to journal regularly. 

1 .Writing down what’s inside can help with anxiety or depression. Getting some things off your chest can help relieve these feelings that you may have.

2. Promotes creativity. Writing to yourself is a way to tap into creativity. You can use a journal for poetry or doodles even it is up to you!

3. Allows us to become more grateful and experience joy. You can write down your happy moments as well and in doing this you might start to feel more gratitude and inspiration.

4 .Helps us keep track of goals and dreams. Putting these thoughts on there is important for you to stay on top of the chase. 

5. Having the memories. Being able to look back on good times as well as hard times can really help you reflect on your future. It’s like documenting your life.

Remember that journaling is private and there is no pressure. So have fun with it and let yourself enjoy putting your feelings down on paper. Get into the habit of expressing yourself this way.

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