Be the best you can be with these 8 Acts of kindness

With the holiday season approaching, now more than ever we can take the time to be thankful for what we have and to give back in some way. Giving back is something we can do in our daily lives to help someone else out and of course make ourselves feel better.

This is a time to be creative and think of ways you can help in the best way that you can. With the year 2020 being what it is, we all have seen changes and struggles. Keep that in mind that when coming up with unique ways to help. If you are looking to give back or help your community this year, here are some ways you can make an impact.

Donate to shelter or the homeless

Shelters always need items or food especially during the holiday season. With Covid, some shelters may be turning more people away so donating directly can also help a person in need.

Volunteer at a shelter

A helping hand can always be used in some way. With safe precautions we can assist with the duties that need to be done in our communities.

Pay it forward

Pay for some one’s food in the drive through or at a coffee shop. It’s the thought that counts and will for sure make a stranger’s day.

Donate to animal shelter

Food and supplies are always appreciated within the animal community. 

Sponsor a child or animal

There are many programs where you can sign up and help take care of a child or animal. Remember a little goes a long way so even if you can’t contribute funds or donations, there are other ways to make a difference.

Give compliments

Make a person smile with a compliment when you walk by.

Pick up garbage

Take some time to pick up any trash you see in a park or area where it needs it.

Count box top education for schools

Download the app and scan your receipts when making purchases. The money can go to the school of your choice.

Lastly don’t forget to be kind and giving to yourself!

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