Black Friday Shopping During A Pandemic

Usually, the holiday season is so exciting to take part in. There are so many events with friends and family. You get to eat so much delicious food and goodies. There is the hustle and bustle around stores with everyone shopping for the perfect presents. It is very invigorating. Unfortunately, this year will be different with the covid-19 pandemic we’re all experiencing right now. Here are some tips to keep safe and stay in good health:

If at all possible, stay home.

There are so many more enjoyable activities you could do instead. For example: decorate, crafts, bake, watch Christmas movies. By staying home, you won’t get sick or pass it on to an unsuspecting person if you don’t have contact with strangers.

Do all your shopping online.

Sites like Rakuten allow you to shop hot deals from multiple stores and earn cash back. You can earn 40 bucks just for signing up! There will be deals all month long. Stop worrying about missing on the opportunity to get something cheaper. Is it really worth yours or your family’s health?

If you absolutely must go out, follow the precaution guidelines.

Keep your distance from others, wash your hands regularly, and wear your mask properly at all times when in public.

Another tip would be to avoid long and crowded lines.

Those businesses and shoppers don’t have your best interest in mind if they don’t even care enough to follow the simplest of precautions to preserve the health of everyone. At all costs, avoid them.

I think it goes without saying tat everyone should stay home this year on Black Friday and companies should change their policies. During the season where we celebrate thankfulness and giving, let’s all take the time to reflect on our current situations and realize that materialistic items are not equal to the value of someone’s health and life. No matter what you choose to do, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you stay safe and healthy.

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