The importance of staying in touch with friends

How do people always stay in contact with one another? Normally, I am not the best at this and it’s usually because I don’t have much to share with someone or think that they might be busy with their own lives. I’m always thinking about my friends and family wondering if they are all right or would like to do something, but I never reach out. The truth is that you’re never too busy to tell someone that you are thinking of them.

Friends are a great way to decompress from all of the stresses of life. They are the people who are willing to be there at your side listening, sharing, and being supportive. What’s even better is that friends are usually fun to be around!

Here are some tips to help keep in touch

•        Make the time. Not every waking moment of your day is spent at work or with family. Carve the time out and put in a little effort.

•        Send them a quick text or phone call to let them know you are thinking on them and checking to see how they are doing.

•        Not much to share? Ask what’s new with them. There may be something new happening in their lives that you don’t know about yet.

•        You can also discuss futures goals and what you are looking forward to. I don’t know about you, but I love daydreaming with friends and thinking about all of the possibilities.

•        Plan with them an outing like a lunch date or to get your nails done. Sharing little moments like these together are well worth it and it doesn’t take up your entire day.

•        Send them a memento, card or letter. This is a great way to show someone that you are not only thinking of them, but that you took some time and effort to do something special for them.

Your friends are one of your greatest gifts on earth. They will appreciate the fact that you care enough to reach out and connect with them. It’s so easy to put your blinders on and get through the day, but slow it down a little and try to appreciate everything and everyone you have in your life.

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