Easy finds! Holiday gift guide

The holidays can be overwhelming especially when it comes to finding all the perfect gifts for everyone. Sometimes, we can forget that it is the thought that counts and not the amount that you are spending. I certainly appreciate a simple gift that is thoughtful over anything. If you are struggling with what to get the people on your list this year, here is a list of items that everyone can appreciate. The best part is these are easy ways to let your friends and family know you care.

Try giving these gifts


I am a candle lover and stock up on them all year long. With all the different scents a candle can be such a special gift for anyone this holiday season.

Baked goods

It’s that time of year to eat. We all tend to indulge in sweets and foods so why not give the gift of baked goods. Cookies or pies are a great gesture and you can’t go wrong with something homemade.


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These are always special gifts that can add to a collection. Finding a personal ornament or making one can really be the perfect gift.


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Who doesn’t love a comfy sweater? They are fun to wear, cozy, and look great with a pair of jeans.


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Since winter is here and it’s harder to get out, a book is always a cherished gift.


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A journal is always a terrific idea. They allow people to divulge their inner feelings and thoughts while reflecting.


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A houseplant or a succulent always makes a great gift. The plus side to them is that they are pretty low maintenance.


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2021 is right around the corner. A planner will help in organizing all those New Year’s resolutions.

Homemade Gift

A homemade gift like a painting, ornament, knitted scarf are much more meaningful than anything bought at a store.

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