Why does everything need to be rushed?

It always seems like there is this imaginary finish line we are all rushing towards constantly and it applies to everything we do: driving, working, errands, etc. We get so caught up in completing these trivial tasks as quickly as we possibly can. Why is that? Personally, I always feel like I have to get things done fast so that they don’t pile up and end up having even more jobs later. What’s your reasoning? Well, I’m here to say that you’ll cross that finish line no matter how quickly you’re going. Why not slow down the pace and enjoy the smaller things that have been passing you by?

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  • Take the time to have a meaningful interaction, conversation, or even an exchange of smiles with someone.
  • Enjoy the beauty that mother nature has to offer with the weather, animals, colors, sounds, smells, and the ambiance it all offers.
  • Savor every sip of a drink and bite of food. Take pleasure in what you eat.
  • Spending more time with friends and family makes the days more delightful and valuable.
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If you keep rushing through life, you will not only miss all of the good parts, but you will unknowingly create more stress and anxiety for yourself. That only adds to the bad attitude and depression you’re probably experiencing. This will continue to compound and grow over time. Then suddenly, you are living life without passion and joy.

If the situation isn’t a life or death scenario, then it’s not as important as you may think. Take the time to reevaluate all aspects of your life. If something isn’t adding to the quality of your life, it may be time to make some adjustments. In the meantime, try to slow down and enjoy what you currently are doing.

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