4 key ways to stay motivated as a student

Often, there is a sense of burn out between work and everyday life. Especially when we have other duties to add in such as assignments from school. If you are in classes, then you know there is always work to be done. It can be a struggle finding that drive to start an assignment or finish one even. It is all a part of the process and knowing how to manage your time and stay motivated is key. As I come closer to finishing my degree, I feel even more a lack of motivation for my studies and work, but there are some key ways that help students along during times of lack of motivation.

Break your time down.

I usually will work on each assignment for a bit each day over the course of a couple days. That way I don’t completely get burnt out. This seems to help me not feel overwhelmed as well. Seeing the progress laid out over a few days rather than forcing myself to get it all done at once.

Set a time schedule.

You must keep in your mind the time that you set aside for your schoolwork. It can be hard to dedicate it but when it is scheduled in you get used to that routine and get to it. This is something that you must work for and take seriously so, just as you would a job make sure you are allowing the time to meet deadlines.

Use a calendar/planner.

This helps with discussions and due dates. Otherwise you may forget.  I often use a planner to mark down when I’ve started and when the assignment is due. Then ill mark when discussions need to be done and how many times that I’ve responded etc. This is helpful in meeting your requirements.

Remind yourself above all just to keep pushing!

You are doing this to better yourself and getting to those results is not always easy. Creating more opportunities for yourself in the long run and proving that you can do anything you put your mind to will be the best in the end. So, work hard and your future self will thank yourself later.

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