10 Ways to Love Yourself this February 14th

Bloom studio is all about self-love. We promote the idea that caring for yourself and fulfilling your needs creates a better lifestyle and allows you to love others full heartedly. When it comes to Valentine’s day some look at this holiday with dread. As it is presumed to be a day for couples to express their love for one another. However, it is not only a day for relationships but one for yourself. Loving yourself is truly the key to happiness. So, whether you are single or in a relationship remember that the day is a simple reminder to LOVE. Here are some ideas to ensure that you show yourself special care this Valentine’s day. 

1.   Spoil yourself.  

Get yourself a treat allowing yourself to enjoy the simple things in life.  

2.   Write down the things you love about yourself.  

Don’t be afraid to be proud and confident in your message to yourself. You are your biggest fan. 

3.       Get dressed up.  

Wearing something that makes you feel good is a great way to boost confidence and show yourself you care.  

4.      Enjoy a solo date.  

5.       Don’t be afraid to spend time with yourself. 

6.     Enjoy a Galentine’s day.  

7.       Get your friends together and you all can show each other how much you care by celebrating together.

8.       Go wine tasting.  
This can be a very fun way to enjoy yourself or with others. 

9. At home spa night. 

Do a face mask and relax to some meditation music. 

10.Pamper yourself

Enjoy a rose petal bubble bath. 

Remember that you don’t need a holiday to treat yourself special.

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