How To Achieve Your Goals

Goals. We all make them. We all break them (more than we’d like to admit). We have all of these aspirations, but they get dropped any time that it is inconvenient. Let’s admit it. There is just a lot going on in our lives and typically give up before we’ve really even started. What would you say if I told you that achieving your desires can be done? It may be hard work and require more of your time, but there are little tweaks you can make to be successful at anything you try.

Be Specific

Being vague with how you’ll achieve your goals won’t get you anywhere near them. You have to narrow down your goal into steps that will lead to you reaching your goals. For example: I want to learn how to speak Spanish fluently. Now that I’ve identified the general goal, I have to pinpoint what will help me reach that goal. My mini goals associated with the general goal would be to learn 50 new words a week and practice speaking Spanish 15 minutes a day. These are very specific little goals that will eventually help me reach my overall desire.

Be Consistent

You’ve heard the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect”. Well, it’s true. Continuously practicing the skills that will lead to your goals will allow you to perfect, grow, and learn new skills.


Carve the time out of your day to work towards your goal. Before you say it, I know you’re busy. We all are, but there are moments in our day where time is wasted. Use those moments instead to work towards your overall goal. Essentially, you are changing some of your daily habits to better yourself.

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Push Through the Tough Times

It is literally mind over matter. This can be very difficult for some because we don’t all have willpower and endurance. If you keep at it, you will acquire those skills and the tasks will be easier for you to accomplish.

Get Your Rest

If you are tired, it is a lot harder to focus on your tasks. Not to mention that you’ll end up making excuses to not do anything. We are all guilty of this. It’s important to take care of yourself and get those breaks in.

Evaluate Progress

Every now and then, you’ll need to check in with what you have accomplished. Set up weekly or monthly evaluations. What have you been able to do and what do you need to do next? This will ensure that you are staying focused and making improvements.

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Believe In Yourself

Kick the self-doubt to the curb. You can do this and you will. You are more than capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise.

Most of all, just remember that it isn’t easy and it will take time to learn new things and to get where you want to be. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually. Don’t lose faith and keep going. Eventually, you will make it happen.

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