Daily use of essential oils & the benefits of aromatherapy

The use of essential oils and diffusers today in the home is extremely popular. Essential oils have been used in folk medicine throughout history. Diffusers allow us combine water and oils to create a mist of fragrance. Not only are these scents lovely to smell when you enter a room, but there are also other benefits that you can receive from these oils. Aromatherapy can provide stress relief, improve sleep, and help with de-congestion. 

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Essential oils can be used topically or through sense of smell. It can be a fun process creating combinations and seeing or even feeling the results. There are several groups of oil types and to understand the workings of these you should know where they start from. So, who can enjoy aromatherapy? The answer is anyone. I personally love to have my diffuser on many different times during the day. The diffuser I use is Guru Nanda ultrasonic diffuser. You can find it on Amazon, and it is inexpensive yet powerful. It is also small enough to transfer around any room or take with you on the go.

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 Here are sometimes that I find using essential oils to really bring comfort.  Try for yourself see if you enjoy and experience any of these benefits from aromatherapy. 

Diffuse when you are studying 

There is something about smelling a beautiful fragrance while working in a calm setting. Using essential oils can help the mind find peace when working hard on other tasks.  

Diffuse while practicing yoga or meditation 

Add essential oils to your mindful practices. You can even add the oils to your wrists for an extra touch. 

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Diffuse at bedtime

Put your diffuser on before you hit the sheets. With the right combination you can sooth you mind and body. 

Click the link to download these free 12 oil blend recipes that help in many aspects of daily life. 


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