Challenging yourself for a better lifestyle

We all fall into this pattern of comfort. Doing our daily routines and fulfilling our daily duties. There is a point where this can becoming boring or you might feel a emptiness within. This is because you are not challenging yourself.

 Challenging yourself is something we put on the back burning because that can mean change. We might feel like we are not ready or motivated. If you are feeling this way think of something that might spark up a challenge in your life. There are many ways to do this whether its physical or a mental. Big or small setting the goals and reaching them feels great. So I inspire you to think about how you can challenge yourself today. Here are some ideas that are simple but can get you to step outside the box.

Try challenging yourself by

Trying new foods
If you have been wanting to try a diet or just switch up what’s on the menu exploring different food recipes can be a fun way to make a change.

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Drinking more water.
Buy a gallon water bottle and challenge yourself to commitment. This is also a great way to ensure you are getting the daily intake.

Starting a new hobby or old one.
Allow yourself the time to dabble in something other than your daily functions.

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Having no negative thoughts
Think happy and positive thoughts for the week. See what happens and how you feel.

Waking up earlier or go to sleep earlier.
Both of these can help you to feel better and make more progress through out the day.

These are just a view simple ideas. There are many ways to challenge yourself. Depending on your needs find what speaks to you.

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