Tired of feeling obligated? Set your boundaries

In today’s world we are always working to please other people. We may not know it but we tend to want to make others happy before making ourselves happy. This happens in many forms. At work in friendships and relationships. We think of our roles as a duty and might find ourselves feeling pressure to take on more than we should.

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So, whether its getting invited to outings and feel obligated to attend, our putting your significant others needs before your own. Knowing your own boundaries is key. It allows us to then be able to set them. I believe it takes a little time to truly understand how this works. It’s about figuring out your own needs and listening to you mind and body.

Here are 3 tips for knowing what your boundaries are.

1. Know when to say no

Get comfortable with the concept of saying no. If you don’t feel up to something allow yourself to feel that way. People will respect your choice believe it or not rather than you showing up when you really don’t want to participate.

2. Don’t feel guilt

Don’t feel bad about saying no or turning down a project. You have to take care of yourself first before being able to give any energy out.

3. Understand why these are your boundaries

Boundaries are specific to you. Knowing why they are important is personal. If we work to understand ourselves and personal needs the better we can be on society.

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