The Word “No”: Why You Should Use It More Often

Don’t be a Yes Man

We have been conditioned our entire lives to be “Yes Men”. You don’t ever oppose your parents, elders, or bosses. You just do as you’re told and everything will work out fine. Why is it, though, that we are trained to believe this? The explanation always given is that it’s respectful. Isn’t respect a two way street? If you want my respect, you should give me yours too. Besides, do you want me to play along and lie to you or do you want me to contribute to society? The word “Yes” doesn’t always mean positive outcomes. Sometimes, the word “No” can get you farther than you could ever imagine.

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The first reason as to why you should say “No” more regularly is for your mental health. Every now and then, you have to slow it down in order to keep your sanity. Take the time you need to relax and recuperate. Letting your body and mind have time to recharge will not only beneficial to you, but for those who are around and depend on you. Also, life is meant to be enjoyed instead of stressed over. If you are finding yourself stressed more often, you need to be using the word “No” more.

Productivity slows way down when you take on more than you can handle. I know that it is hard to admit when you are unable to get to a task because it feels like you’ve let others down. However, it’s unrealistic to expect others to take on the world, so to speak, without any help along the way.

You are more efficient when you do ask for help. You end up conquering more undertakings this way. Plus, you may even have ideas on how to better execute tasks. A “Yes Man” would never dare to make changes to a flawed system. Others may appreciate you speaking up about your ideas and use them. Now, you’ve outshone those who chose to say nothing.

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You are allowed to be yourself without any apologies. No one should ever expect you to betray yourself so that they feel “respected”. That belief in and of itself is not respectful. You should never be put down or mistreated because you feel the need to speak out against something and stay true to yourself. You have every right to speak your mind regardless of the rank of a person. If they don’t like what you say, then that issue is theirs and not yours.

Next time you don’t want to do something or don’t have the time, then just say “No”. Stop feeling ashamed and calling yourself a failure because you do this. That behavior along with consuming everyone’s expectations is not healthy nor will it make you happy or help you succeed. Also, know it’s perfectly all right to ask others for help. Usually, people are happy to be of assistance especially when you show appreciation. From now on, practice turning down others, even friends, and ask for help when needed. You will see how much easier it is to complete tasks if you divide and conquer. Plus, it lessens your stress. It’s a win-win for all.