3 Tips for Sunscreen & a Reminder to Slather on the SPF!

As we approach the summer months, I know we all are excited to soak up some sun. Especially after the long year we’ve had with quarantine and being indoors. Now is the time to discuss the importance of the use of sunscreen. Asking yourself important questions such as :

How often do you apply Sunscreen?
Do you apply sunscreen to your face?

SPF should actually be used daily if you are out in the sun and especially if you’re trying to keep youthful, look, applying it to your face it is necessary.

Some things to remember when applying sunscreen to reapply,

1. Sunscreen takes 15 minutes to set in. Allow some time for your skin to soak in the SPF for full protection.

2. You can use products that have sunscreen built-in such as lotions with SPF in them, to make the process easier.

My daily moisturizers that contain sunscreen for protection.


3. Even on cloudy days, SPF is necessary. Your skin can still be affected by the sun on days where there is a over cast. 

We want to take advantage of those sunny days and shine bright he right way. Applying your sunscreen is a form of self-care. Feel that many people forget the importance. Applying sunscreen is a step to prevent aging and protect out skin from harmful sun rays.

My favorite to use on my face and neck daily without clogging my pores


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