Time for that mid-year check in: Have you reached your goals?

At the beginning of each year, we usually set goals and intentions. We create these resolutions for the year ahead. In hopes of achieving all of them.

Many times we lose track of our goals or what we had said we wanted to do at the beginning of the year. This is why it’s important to do a mid-year check in along with your initial resolution list. This will allow you to see what goals you have made, what goals you’re coming close to or, just get you back on track.

We all know that months go by in a blink of an eye so, this is something everyone can do to create a happier more fulfilled version of themselves.

So what should you exactly ask yourself when checking in with your mid-year goals?

Are you happy with your progress?

Keep track of the progress and based the progress of of that. It’s not to late to put in effort. However are you putting in enough effort to achieve the goals ultimately.

What goals have you accomplished so far? Congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished this year. It is not always easy to stick to resolutions.

What do you consider success?

This year might be different than the last for you. We are always evolving as people so sometimes the success might look different. 

Is this goal still attainable?

It is never to late to start something however, sometimes there is a time limit on your intentions. If too much time as past I might be time to put this goal on the back burner for now.

Remember not to make yourself feel bad or punish yourself for not reaching your goals. Checking in is a great way to see where you are at and helps figure out how you can continue to work towards those goals. This can also be a time to celebrate what you have done this far!

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