Remind yourself how to self love

Most people tend to put others before themselves or even feel that they may not be worthy to come first.  This happens in relationships or with family because these are the people we care about most. The truth is loving yourself first will always be the best solution.

Taking the steps to acknowledge your own needs. Self-love take patience and acceptance. Once you have done this first everything else comes together. As human beings we can tend to feel guilty for putting ourselves before others. We want to please the people we care about.

What we should do is keep in mind that if you aren’t putting that effort in for yourself, then you can’t be your best self. Remember to Accept yourselfempower yourself, and love yourself. In doing this you can do for others and be your best self. Here are a few ways to put your importance in perspective when it may be difficult. 

Create a vision board 

Sometimes it helps to plan out what you want or need. Planning what speaks to you and what is important to you. Visualizing this is a good reminder of self -care.

Write yourself a list 

Write down all the things you love about yourself. This is a great source for encouragement for you. Self love should be natural so get in the habit of uplift yourself and recognizing how wonderful and unique you are.

Read daily affirmations

This is a nice reminder for gratitude, health, positive thinking. You can keep yourself in a great head space with these uplifting words. For example reminding yourself that you are worthy of all the greatness headed your way or how you have the strength to do whatever you put your mind to.

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