Feel as if you never see your friends? Here’s how you can make the time!

Do you ever feel out of touch with friends? Our jobs and families consume the majority of our time. This makes it difficult to find the time to spend with your friends. Plus, they are dealing with a similar situation making it hard to coordinate plans. Here are some simple ways to make time for your friends:

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1. Fit them in. There are chunks of time that you don’t use efficiently. Find those moments in your day to see if any of your friends are free too.

2. Plan ahead. Pick a day in the next week or two that is dedicated to your friends only.

3. Don’t flake. Try not to be that person. Instead, commit to spending time with your friends.

4. Have them join you when you’re running errands, doing chores or having “me time”.

5. Lunch dates. Go have lunch together. It’s a great way to break up your day and boost your attitude.

6. Use your phone. Call, text, snap, facetime, etc. The phone can be a great way to socialize when you can’t be in person. It also includes one another in life experiences.

7. Create a routine. Pick a specific day that is a recurring date with your friends.

8. Learn to say “no”. Sometimes, you have to tell others in your life that you can’t help them and they’ll need to figure it out themselves. This will free up a lot of time.

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All you have to remember is to plan, prioritize, and coordinate. The rest will fall into place and soon you will be experiencing more regular quality encounters with your friends.

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