Tough Decision – College: Now or Later What you should do

Throughout high school, most students are planning and studying to get into college. Not everyone goes straight into college after high school. For various reasons, many go into the work force. Some of those reasons may include being undecided or not wanting to occur massive debt. There are pros and cons to going either route.

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Going to college straight out of high school:


  • You get to experience college in the traditional sense.
  • It is easier to focus on your education when you’re not worrying about housing, food, bills, and family.
  • Typically, won’t have debts like a mortgage, credit card, or car loans. This is all dependent on your personal situation.
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  • Unless you’re working a part-time job or interning, you won’t gain work experience.
  • Counselors and parents will pressure students into college or a degree they aren’t passionate about, which could lead to them dropping out or going to school for years until they figure out what they’d like to do.
  • You are not guaranteed a job upon graduating.
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Going to college as a working adult:


  • You have already obtained years of work experience which is valued in any career.
  • More than likely, you have a better idea of what field you would like to go into.
  • If you start with a community school and continue your higher education with a public college, you will accumulate less school debt.


  • You miss out on the traditional college experience.
  • It is more difficult to manage time due to other responsibilities like work or family.
  • Most companies won’t hire or promote someone without a degree making it harder to establish a career.
  • You are not guaranteed a job or a promotion upon graduating.

As you can see, they both can have similarities. It is all about making a decision that works best for you. Regardless of what any person decides to do, it is important to understand that college is not easy and can be a huge struggle. There is a lot to learn and prove to your professors through studying, hard work, and long nights. That is why it is good if you have a strong support system in place to help nudge you through difficult times and remind you that it will all be worth it in the end.