Autumn Bucket List

Now is the time of year where we start preparing for the colder season ahead by making our days count, especially outside. To help with that undertaking, we created an ultimate bucket list of all the activities you need to do this fall!

Have a photo shoot

With all the beautiful colors everywhere, now is the perfect time to do a little photo shoot.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patches aren’t just for kids. You too can go and join in the activities. Besides, buying a pumpkin from the store just isn’t the same.

photo of field full of pumpkins
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Go on a hay-rack ride

Who doesn’t enjoy being carted around while enjoying the atmosphere. Bring a blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa or cider if it is cold outside.

Drink a cup of apple cider

Hot apple cider has a way of warming the soul and perking up your mood. Sip on a glass of cider while sitting outside watching the seasons change.

Have a bonfire

Gather around a fire with your friends. Make smores, tell stories, sit back and soak in the memories.

bonfire surrounded with green grass field
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Enjoy a caramel apple

When’s the last time you’ve tasted this sweet treat? Take it a step further and make them yourself!

Wander the local farmers market

There is always something to be found at a farmers market whether it’s food or crafts. Head on down and support your local organizations.

Decorate your home

The season won’t feel right if you don’t decorate your home. Pull out all of those boxes, put on some music, and make the magic happen.

Cozy up an read a good book

On those colder days, grab a book and cozy up with a blanket and warm drink. Nothing is more comforting than this.

Go for a scenic drive

On the weekends when you don’t have plans, hop in the car and just drive around. Take in all of the views. Who knows what lays ahead for you.

road between autumn trees
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Star gazing

Take a special person or friend out to the country one night and watch the stars. It is such a calming and personal experience.

Make a scarecrow

Don’t buy one at the store. Gather some old clothes and newspaper to build your own scarecrow.

See a drive-in movie

If you’ve never been, it’s a great experience to have. Take friends and family with you to share those moments with you. Don’t forget to pack snacks and blankets.

food snack popcorn movie theater
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Jump in leaves

Channel your inner child and play around in those leaves. You can clean them up later.

Go on a nature walk

Really take in the scenery by going on a long walk in a park or trail near you. Take the time to stop and appreciate all the beauty.

Have a picnic

Plan a picnic with the blanket, basket, and neatly packed foods. Enjoy the brisk air and the company.

Carve pumpkins

Be prepared to get your hands ooey gooey. Create some fun designs and share them with your neighborhood by displaying on your front steps. If you don’t want to carve, you can always paint.

pumpkins and jack o lantern next to a window
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Tell ghost stories

Have your friends over one night. Gather in a circle and have the flashlight handy. Take turns telling your most spookiest stories.

Go thrift shopping

You can find some real treasures going thrift shopping. Keep your eyes open and look for the deals.

Burn a fall scented candle

Nothing puts you in the mood better than a fall scented candle. Find your favorite scent and burn the candles when you want a little inspiration.

burning candles near tarot cards on table
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Cook pumpkin seeds

Keep the seeds from carving pumpkins. Clean them up, season them, and bake for a yummy little snack.

Horseback riding

Be a little adventurous and go for an autumn ride on a horse. It’s a unique and memorable way to experience nature.

Now that you have a list of some fun ideas to try, all you have to do is decide where you’ll start. You can always make this list more enjoyable by asking friends and family to join you checking these off of your list. Enjoy!

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