What you should keep in mind at your next Interview

The process of landing a job at times can be exhausting. Sometimes it may seem as though no one is looking your direction. Or you might be feeling frustrated with the interviews you are landing. Leaving you feeling uncertain of what it is you want in a new job position.

It can be easy to accept the first offer that is brought to you. You always want to keep in mind the factors that really matter.

What you enjoy
Knowing what you like to do in a job position is key. If there are tasks that simply do not get you excited or you know you would not look forward to each day. The job probably is not for you.

What you do enjoy
Knowing you strengths and what you do enjoy doing ad a daily tasks is also important. You can see if thee is opportunity for you to grow and be happy in the position.

How to say I need time
It’s okay to ask for time to determine if the fit is right. It may be easy to say yes on the spot but font feel pressured to give a answer immediately.

Don’t be afraid to say no
If this isn’t a great fit there is something better out there for you. Don’t be afraid to let them know in a polite way that this isn’t for you.

Pay rate
Knowing the pay rate and will it work for your lifestyle. Sometimes you may consider taking a pay cut for a job that adds experience to your resume. You always want to know the details.

Will it bring you happiness
Last but not least make sure you enjoy this position. Often, we forget to think down the line about how the new position will make us feel. Will it satisfy you daily or will it be too boring. Would you fell excited each day to be there. You don’t want to accept a position that doesn’t spark excitement.

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