Doing less can mean doing more

We have all heard the term less is more. That is true for many things in life. Personally I am finding that to simplify life less is actually more. I don’t mean doing less as in being lazy but, doing less if what doesn’t fulfill your life. Allowing more space for what does fulfill your life.

How can you simplify the aspects in your life?

Resist taking on too many tasks that don’t exactly excite you or cause more stress. It’s okay to say no at times. Don’t feel that obligation.
Unplug from technology

Most of the time we are engaged in something online or on social media. Allowing yourself to disconnect weekly can simplify your life. Allowing more time for you and your purpose.
Care less about what others think

Opinions are just that. Many people let other people’s thoughts make them feel a certain way. Living a simpler lifestyle means that you live how you want to. Others won’t always understand you because they are not you and don’t walk in your shoes.

Making these little adjustments overtime will help you to live and feel at ease. A simplified lifestyle will bring you more happiness and growth over all. Which is the ultimate goal! 🌻

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