Ways to be Productive From the Comfort of Your Bed

If there is one thing, I look forward to at the end of the day its being cozy in bed. Especially if I’m feeling tired or in need of some comfort. Often, I will still do some productive activities from my bed at night. Just because I am comfortable doesn’t mean I can’t use some of that time wisely. It is the perfect time to unwind the mind and get a few tasks done before shutting your eyes. So, what productive tasks can you do cozy in bed? As I write this post from my bed currently. Here is a list of tasks I like to tackle from my sheets.

Create lists

I take this time to jot down list in my phone or in a note book. Especially, to do list for the next day or grocery list.

Listen to an eBook

Sometimes it’s easier to listen to a few chapters than read then before bed. A simple way to indulge in a book while in bed.


Best time to get your thoughts out from the day. You can stop and recall all the moments you want to write down.


Many days I don’t have time for yoga. Taking some time for meditation practice in bed does mind good.


Deleting emails or responding to emails before bed is a simple way to stay productive.


All through college I did my work in bed. It allows you to be comfortable yet get the job done.

Don’t forget to let yourself unwind as well. This time can be perfect to fit in a quick to do that needs to be done. Balance it out with down time as well.

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