How you can prepare your home for fall and winter

We have all heard of spring cleaning. The time when we decide to de clutter and make everything feel fresh and new again. Why not do that same thing during this of year?

Now is a great time bust out the decorations for the holidays, it is also a great time to go through anything that has been sitting around collecting dust. Getting your home and your surrounds in order for the fall and winter months ahead. There are many things you can do around the house. Here’s a list of suggestions

Where to start?

Starting of you can check the important things in your house you may forget about.

Change batteries in smoke detectors

Check the heating system

Cleaning air vents

Clean the gutters

Clean out the fireplace

Rotate your mattress

Shampooing carpets


Organize the pantry

Clean the oven

Switch out closet

Bring out warm blankets

Rearrange furniture

Bust out the humidifier

There are many other tasks that you can do this season. Just take a look around and see what you can find. This way your home can be a special place where you can be your best!

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