How you can start the ultimate Christmas saving plan

Believe it or not we are just months away from the holiday season. Time to think about gifts and giving. There are many ways to get ahead of the game such as shopping early or finding deals on products.

However, starting an Christmas saving plan is a great way to ensure that you have your funds in place for the holidays. This 12 week plan will allow you to save $1000 for spending. So how to do it you ask?

Make sure that you have at least 12 weeks before you want to do your shopping. The sooner the better remember.

It’s simple each week you will put away 84 dollars. Before you know it the 12 weeks will fly by, and by Christmas you will be ready to go. Use this chart above as a reminder of your goal. This way you are less stressed out during the holidays because you have the cash in hand. There is nothing like being able to make those special purchases for the people you care about.

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