How you can spend your time living slow this Autumn

This time of year we all feel inspired to enjoy everything this season has to bring. An important part of that is taking the time to slow things down. Learning how to slow down your living can mean may things. Often we forget to do this. So this autumn take some time for you. Take some time for your family and friends and truly appreciate slow living.

Enjoy walks in nature

Taking a hike or a simple walk. Enjoy the scenery the air and everything around you. Especially if you live somewhere where there seasonal changes. Try to stay away from any distractions that may take away from these moments.

Decorate your home

Taking the time to decorate your home this time of the year is the best. It gives an inviting feeling when you enter. This can affect your whole mood. When you enjoy your space you will feel more at peace within. Light some candles, string some lights, and enjoy the process.

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Begin a new book

Starting a new book this time of year is a great way to slow down your living. Allowing time for yourself to get lost in stories and away form the stress of actual life’s day to day duties. Maybe even finish a whole series.

Take more breaks

It sounds simple yet we forget to do it. Take more breaks when you need them. Many times we push and push instead of giving ourselves the time we need. Allowing more breaks will ensure that you can be your best self.

Appreciate the little moments

And of course, stop and enjoy the simple and small moments of everyday. Learn to appreciate everyday and what it has to bring. Sip your morning coffee a little slower.

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