5 Little Tips to Quit Impulse Shopping

We all are guilty of spending on items or services we don’t need. For some this is a every once and awhile thing, for others this can be a bad habit that eventually may hinder you from reaching financial goals. Impulsive shopping can range from all kinds of purchases. Beauty products, groceries, clothing etc..

Impulse shopping is different from compulsive shopping because we become triggered by seeing a certain item and have the desire for it in the store or wherever it may be. If you have a financial goal that you want to reach or just find yourself making these kinds of purchases often, you may want to try these steps to prevent impulse shopping.

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Do I need this or do I want this

Deciding if the purchase is one that you really could benefit from is key. Buying things that will eventually sit around usually isn’t worth the purchase. Keep this in mind.

Will I be using this often

Will this be useful to me or my home? When making a purchase it is important to think about how often this purchase will be used and if it is worth the money.

Shop with a list

If you are shopping in store, be sure to keep a list. I know if I go into the grocery store without a list or even  without what I need in mind I end up with many things I didn’t come shopping for.

Keep goals in mind

Thinking of the bigger picture when making impulse purchases can really make a difference. If you keep those goals I mind you won’t won’t want to spend outside of your means.

Don’t shop when bored

Shopping when bored is a big no-no. With online store and advertisements, it is very easy to get sucked into spending for no reason. Try not to browse online as often so you won’t become tempted.

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