5 Ways to be Thankful

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. Often times, we forget to show others why we are thankful to have them around. It’s not because we’re horrible people and don’t care. It’s just that we get super busy and have a lot to worry about regularly. That’s why the holiday seasons are such a pivotal moment of the year. We slow it down a bit and really focus on the things and people who really mean a lot to us. Now, is the time of year to show everyone why they matter.

happy thanksgiving greeting card on brown envelope
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  • Tell your friends and family why they are important to you. Acknowledge their role in your life and let them know exactly what makes them so special.
  • Don’t forget those you associate with regularly like co-workers. Thank them for their efforts and tell they why they’re such an asset to have around.
  • Strangers need a little love too. Give them a smile, compliment, or even a small gesture like letting them cut you in line will change their day for the better.
  • Do something for your community like donating or volunteering. Even a little bit helps so encourage others to do the same.
  • Practice gratitude. Stop yourself periodically (especially during a stressful moment) and tell yourself what you are grateful for right then and there. Savoring the good regularly will from a positive habit and get rid of negative thinking.
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Showing people (including ourselves) generosity, kindness, and gratitude should be practiced every day. So when the holidays are over and we get back to our normal schedules, let’s continue to practice these habits daily. Make them part of your core behavior and not just for our own peace, but so that others know that they are not alone. There is always someone who sees you and wishes you the best of all things.

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