The Best Pocket Crystals for You to Carry

The topic of healing through energy has been a debated topic for many years. There is no doubt that all crystals emit a frequency of energy. Many people believe that this energy can have an impact on one’s personal energy having many positive benefits overall.

Healing crystals can be used in many ways; such as during meditation to open chakras. They can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, encouraging new intentions and paths that are positive and pure. Whether you are open to carrying them with you, wearing them or surrounding yourself with them in your home, there is no denying how beautiful these crystals are.

Here are Pocket sized crystals you can try out. Depending on what your needs may be. Take a moment to feel the stones and connect with how they make you feel.

  • Selenite 

Got a complicated environment? This stone cleanses and purifies your surroundings. It also works great for meditation. Clearing negative energy and helping to balance your life.

  • Citrine

Struggling with an obstacle? This stone helps you to overcome. Motivating you to reach your goals and stay focused. Bring your ideas to the light.

  • Clear Quartz

Need a higher vibration? Clear quartz are known for this. It helps neutralize and power the room with positive energy. When driving, this stone can also reduce gas consumption.

  • Rose Quartz

Having a sleepless night? This stone can help you to sleep better by blocking negativity that may be troubling you. Also known to help with battles of anger or stress.

  • Amethyst

Need to calm your mood? This stone supports just that by allowing more time for rest and relaxation. The calmness that it brings to the mind also enables us to reach a far deeper meditative.

  • Pink Opal

Who doesn’t need more love? Pink opal gives you a good sense of love, peace, and hopefulness. Known for soothing the soul. This stone specifically has a strong feminine link. So, ladies you should especially consider this one.

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