Learning to Trust Your Gut: It’s Usually Right

When life comes to a fork in the road where you have to make a decision on which path to choose, listen to what your gut is telling you and trust it. This can apply to literally any situation you come across whether it is relationships, careers, or personally.

Practically every time I chose to ignore my intuition, I ended up paying the price. If something doesn’t feel right, odds are it isn’t right. You subconsciously pick up on clues the universe gives you to make better decisions (hopefully).


  • You can tell a potential lover is abusive by the way they talk and treat others. They will use a phrase here or there that strikes you as unusual or you’ll notice how upset they get when they don’t get their way. Rule of thumb: Don’t trust anyone who is mean to their parents, kids, or animals. Another pointer is to listen to the tone they use with people in the service industry, retail, or customer service. There are a lot of people who will mistreat workers in these positions and I believe that says all I need to know about an individual.
  • Should you take that new position? Yes, you’re nervous, but how did it feel to interact with co-workers and bosses? If you really enjoyed talking with everyone and can envision yourself working for the company, it might be a good idea to accept the offer. Recently, I turned down an offer working with a great group of people because the company didn’t offer appropriate compensation. This told me that the organization wouldn’t value me as an employee. It’s all about honing in on these little signals and using them to your advantage.

The answers to most of your questions are already within you. No need to question what is right for you. Start paying attention to these hunches and you’ll notice a change in how your life is turning out.

Photo by Dimitry Zub on Pexels.com

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