The Faux Hustle: Are you actually being productive?

Having goals that you are passionate about and are working towards are almost vital in keeping your sanity while also expressing your inner ambitions. A lot of the times we get sidetracked with our dreams and minor tasks that we don’t realize how much valuable time we’re wasting. Faux hustle is when you are keeping yourself busy by doing tasks that won’t get you anywhere. I am sure we’ve all been guilty of this because who is perfect. The other day, I found myself re-writing all of my ideas. Now, it is perfectly fine to write down your ideas. However, to keep writing them over and over is not only unproductive but borderline crazy. This is why we use the following tips to stay focused and efficient:

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Evaluate your goals.

What do you want and what will make that happen? Be specific. Lofty generic goals won’t get you where you want to be.

Create a to-do list based off your evaluation.

Check everything off as you complete it. This always helps me stay organized and on task.

Focus on the most important tasks first.

If you have others that work with you, be sure to delegate other tasks to them. You will be more efficient if you let others assist you.

Create scheduled time slots for your tasks.

Having a certain amount of time awarded to each task will keep you on track by holding you accountable. You won’t find yourself off in la-la land.


Always re-visit your goals and to-do list. What can you tweak to make your plan work better? What are your new goals? What steps do you take now?

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You literally have to train yourself to plan ahead, delegate, and keep your mind focused. It can be harder than it seems because our minds literally go crazy when something intrigues them, but I have faith in your abilities. Once you’ve mastered these habits, this will all become second nature and you will hit so many of your goals. Eventually, your daydream will be a reality.


  1. I think it’s Socrates that said an unexamined life is not worth living. And that’s so true, because we could stay busy our entire lives to feel ‘productive’, but would it all be worth it when we’re on our deathbed? I believe it’s all about finding our purpose and trying to achieve that, and that requires lots of reflection, which your steps help with. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing!

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