4 ways to motivate those around you?

Are you ever around someone, either at work or at home, who is so unmotivated that it drags your energy down? It can be hard to fight the feeling yourself after some time around this person. Sometimes, it is really nice to lounge around and do nothing. When it is a consistent happening, it can really lower your morale and make you a tad bit depressed. So how do you get someone else out of that funk? Simple: they have to care about what it is you’re asking them to do. If they care, then they will be more interested in doing what you ask. Here’s how you can motivate others:

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Create a happy, healthy, and safe environment. 

People need to feel like they are in an environment that respects them and can also be an outlet. Be lenient with those rigid rules.  There is no need for you to be strict on rules that don’t actually matter. Let them take regular breaks or use their phone. As long as they are getting their duties done, it shouldn’t be an issue. To also promote teamwork, you need a team that works well together and brings out the positive qualities in each other. This also, means that actual bad behavior and degrading comments should not be allowed in the workforce. A company should protect all of it’s employees from being put in an unacceptable and unsafe positions.

Have common goals.

To do this, there needs to be a sense of purpose. Brainstorming and planning as a team creates a sense of belonging and gives direction. What does everyone want and how can we work together to achieve these goals? Now, they have a vision of what could be and that is very exciting.

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Recognize their hard work and accomplishments.

I actually don’t see a lot of people doing this. Most bosses feel as if the duties they give you are “part of the job” and that you shouldn’t pat someone on the back for doing what they’re supposed to. I don’t know about you, but I feel one hundred times better about myself when someone compliments me. That is because it positively recognizes what you’re doing. It also makes you proud and encouraged to continue with the great job you’re doing.

Reward their performance.

People need incentive. How can you expect them to do anything if you’re not going to compensate them?  Pay isn’t always enough for an individual either. Most people want additional perks because pay is what they expect, but rewards always raise morale. When you celebrate their performance, you will see a positive change in their attitude and interaction with you.

Follow these guidelines to help motivate those around you and you will absolutely see an adjustment in their personality and willingness to help. They will be inspired to work with you. Productivity will go up too. Being a good player yourself will lead others to be their best selves and that is a win for everyone.

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