Look at you grow! 3 Reminders that you are headed in the right direction

There comes a time when we all feel a sense of change brewing. This can be an uncomfortable feeling and one that brings uncertainty. The fact is that growth can feel scary. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone. This just may mean you are ready for change or desire to adjust to something a bit different. When we think about it, outgrowing certain aspects in life is natural.  

Growing is a goal that we all should want to achieve. Growth can come in many ways. If you want to find that new path you have too first be aware. Being present and knowing what you currently need to move forward. Asking yourself does the things that surround you reflect that mindset? Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to what no longer serves you. 

It’s okay to move forward. In all aspects it is okay to let go.  Here are some gentle reminders you can tell yourself when having second thoughts about moving forward.

We can outgrow jobs.

Feeling a sense of boredom and lack of motivation is a good indicator that you have outgrown that position. Don’t be afraid to look forward to new opportunities. Even if you may not know where it will take you.

We can outgrow people.

This may sound bad but sometimes the people in our lives don’t fit there anymore. If these people don’t align with your lifestyle or fail to support you better, it may be time to move on. Friendships are forever; they should grow with you.

We can outgrow lifestyles.

It is possible that as we go through things we change. Your current lifestyle may not be working for you. You want the best results and a lifestyle that represents who you are now. 

Keep in mind that change is good, and connections are forever so what is meant for you will always be there. When you need a shift in your life you will know it. It is up to be brave enough to make those changes and give yourself a chance to bloom in a different way. 

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