5 Helpful Career Habits for New Opportunities

As we all progress through life taking different opportunities, each job position can teach you valuable information that can continue to help you grow. Whether you plan on sticking around awhile or chasing a different path, it’s important to take these lessons with you as you move forward. Practicing these helpful career habits can help you to become more successful and help you to shine and reach your full potential. 

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1. Make great connections and keep them even when you leave a job. You want to leave in good standing. That way, if you ever need a reference, you have many to choose from. Plus, you may need to use those connections at a later time. Don’t burn your bridges.

2. You need to update your resume. Your resume should be kept current with your skills and continue to be updated as you grow. A fresh resume is always good to have handy. You never know what opportunities may arise.

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3. Seek out feedback and learn from it. Your co-workers, bosses, even a mentor can give you great advice. Listen and take the feedback into consideration. This will show your employer how eager you are to learn and able to make adjustments when needed.

4. Be accountable for your actions. Own your mistakes and own your victories. Companies like it when their employees can own up to their actions. It can be extremely scary to admit that you made a mistake, but learn from that mistake and find a solution.

5. Know your limits and avoid burnout at all costs. It is so easy to dive into work in order to impress your boss. However, knowing  your own limits and how to say no to an overload of work is a must. If there is too much on your plate, ask your boss to help you prioritize the tasks. This brings to their attention, how much you are doing and they may delegate some of the tasks to co-workers with more time.

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