Must Have Skills Anyone in a Leadership Position Should Possess

People always say good help is hard to find and while there may be some truth to that statement, I believe they are completely missing the mark. What they fail to recognize is how much more difficult it is to find a good leader. They are extremely rare. In my personal experience, I don’t believe I’ve ever worked under a manager that was more than average in their leadership role. It takes an outstanding person to not only lead a group of people, but to motivate and inspire them to a greater goal. A good manager creates good help. If you are in or planning to be in a leadership role, here are the necessary skills you must master if you want to be better than a typical manager.


Actively listening to another person can be difficult. Listening doesn’t mean just letting someone ramble on. Pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal cues. Ask questions and reflect on what is being discussed. You will have a better understanding of that person and what is being said.



Openly communicate with those around you with clear and concise information. This will lower the chance of any confusion and define the roles and expectations.


Creativity allows you to have a different perspective and apply it to all types of situations. Thinking outside of the box leads to all kinds of opportunities.


At times, it is hard to find the motivation. People will need to be inspired to contribute to the common goal. Create a sense of community and make the environment pleasant to work in.


Be supportive and engage your team. Let them know it’s okay to voice new ideas and so that positive changes can be made. A leader who encourages their team creates a  safe place and sense of appreciation of the individuals. It’s nice as an employee to know that you not only have a voice, but that people care and lift you up.


A flexible person who is willing to bend is much easier to work with. It is extremely hard to work with people who are difficult simply because they can be. It taints the atmosphere and makes everything less enjoyable. Also, I believe an inflexible person struggles with having control over others and the processes. This creates a bottleneck, which makes the flow of things slower and less efficient. Give some control up and delegate to your team.

Eye For Detail

The little details matter more than you think. Missing a little detail can create so many problems or they can make you outshine competitors. People appreciate it when others notice the little things because it makes them feel special. The details are also extremely important to operating a successful business. Look everything over multiple times to reduce mistakes. Take note of special dates or requests. Pay attention to what others are saying.

Time Management

It is extremely necessary for you to be efficient with your time. Schedule your day out so you know when to give your attention to certain tasks. Delegate work to your team. Reduce distractions by keeping your phone on silent and stay off the internet. You will get more done if you have a strategy with your time.

Have A Vision

Don’t just work through your days and not make progress towards new goals. Have an idea of what you would like to do next. Share it with your team and get their feedback. Work together as a team to make it happen. This creates excitement, a sense of community, and pride.

Give Constructive Feedback

Everyone needs feedback if they are going to progress and make good decisions. However, you should never be mean or make negative comments. Try to find something positive to say and provide suggestions.

Have A Personal Code Of Ethics

You have to hold yourself to a higher standard of morality and set an example for your team. It is never okay to be inappropriate, talk politics at work, bully, or be dishonest. People look to you as their pillar of decision making. If you are not acting in an appropriate manner, how can you expect others to? This can lead to a very toxic work environment and a human resource’s nightmare.

Strategic Thinker

This kind of goes hand in hand with time management and creativity. What is your next move? How will you accomplish it? You should be able to create a strategy and tackle it effortlessly.


Empathy is when you are able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their situation. See things from their perspective and care about what they are experiencing. Being able to do this will make you a better listener and create a bond with others.

Ultimately, you need to be the best version of yourself and remind yourself constantly that there are others who are looking up to you for direction. Do what you can to create an environment where people feel supported and appreciated. Lead them through teamwork and cooperation. At the end of the day, remember that you’re a human and aren’t perfect. You can’t always be everything to everyone. All you can do is try your hardest to be the best leader no one’s ever had.

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