The Best Dry Brushing Routine for You to Try

Most of the time when we talk about skin care we think about skin care routines for our faces. Face wash, moisturizer, and serums. Today we want to focus on our entire body and how we can make sure we are focusing on it from head to toe. We have the best dry brushing routine for you to try.

What exactly is dry brushing?
It is simple a classic ritual that involves brushing your full body with a brush to help exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance the blood flow.

If you are ready to awaken your skin, give this little routine to try.

Step 1

Get yourself a good brush. There are many out there to choose from. Make sure that it has firm bristles. Here’s an option from Sephora.

Be sure to test the brush on your skin to make sure that it is not too rough.

Step 2

If you want some fragrance, you can mix an oil of your choice with a drop of essential oil and dab the mixture on the bristles before you begin

Step 3

Moving the brush on your body in small circular strokes. Start off firm with applied pressure working from the bottom up. Be gentle in sensitive areas, of course. Enjoy this moment in treating your skin. Remember to keep it short and to the point.


Increase circulation

Reduce cellulite

Help with stretch marks

Remove dead skin cells

Smooth skin appearance

Helps with aging


Treat yourself to this little self-care trick and your skin will thank you for it! For more selfcare essentials click here. All the Self-Love Essentials You Will Need (

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