The Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil

There are so many great ways to use coconut oil. Especially in the summertime the scent is amazing and is perfect for that vacation feeling when you need it. Coconut oil can be a super food you use in your diet or something to add to your beauty regimen. It is an affordable product that you should give a try if you have not already! Keep reading if you are interested in the endless benefits and uses of coconut oil.

Often it can a be a little confusing on what the difference are when making coconut oil purchase. Out advise is not to think too hard on it. Depending on your use of the oil. Here are a few tips.

Refined vs. unrefined: unrefined oils are processed without heat and are best for lower-heat cooking, refined oils have a higher smoke point and can be used for higher-heat cooking methods.

Virgin vs. extra-virgin: This simply indicates that the oil is unrefined.

If you are ready to choose an oil here are some great brands to try!

Organic and free of filler oils, it’s easy to add to smoothies and salads alike.

Perfect for travel and on the go. These coconut oil packets come in a 10 pack.

 Use as Cooking Oil, Skin Moisturizer or Hair

*We recommend doing a test on your skin to see if it personally works well with your skin*. Why would you want to use it? There are many positives that can come from using coconut oil daily. It can help nourish your body both inside and out.

You can use coconut oil for many things:

To remove make up

Use in sugar scrubs

Use as a moisturizer

Use as a shaving cream

Hair mask

 Coconut oil benefits:

Brighten dark spots

Reduce bacteria

Reduce inflammation

Improves gut health and digestion

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